Kenneth Darby

Former NFL Star Driven to Help Others through Investing in Real Estate

Kenneth Darby has always been a self-motivated individual with the belief that anything is possible of you work hard enough to make it happen. As a young man, that natural drive and determination served him well while working toward his dream of playing professional football. Starting out as a redshirt Freshman at the University of Alabama under the direction of then-coach Mike Shula, Kenneth moved on from the SEC as a seventh-round NFL Draft selection by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, eventually signing with the St Louis Rams in 2008.

A sincere spirit to serve others and a strong drive to give back to his community led Kenneth when deciding a post-NFL career path. He wanted to choose a profession that would allow him to make a difference in the lives of others by helping them achieve their dreams. Kenneth was mindful that his parents were never able to purchase a home of their own when he was growing up, due to their inability to obtain a traditional bank loan. Many friends and neighbors were in similar situations; either unable to buy a home or if they owned a home, unable to sell due to a lack of money for repairs or closing costs. This was something that Kenneth passionately wanted to help with, and his inherent drive and determination pushed him to research more about non-traditional options for purchasing property.

With the help of a mentor, he studied and learned all of the creative ways he could help someone legally with any real estate problem they may have -  when the banks say no, and when a real estate agent can’t help, and in 2017, Kenneth founded Driven Real Estate Solutions, where he puts the qualities that helped him reach his own personal goals to work for others, being the ‘Solution to Your Real Estate Problem’.

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