Bo Manry

Online Marketing Expert, 2-time Best Selling Author and Co-founder of the REIPro Software

Bo Manry graduated in 1997 with a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Auburn University. Since that time, he has worked with many companies including government agencies to develop computerized based systems and automation.

Bo is also a successful entrepreneur and business owner. Over the past two decades, he has started and sold multiple businesses. With his degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering, he has been able to master the art of delivering systems that sell. Currently, he owns several companies and all but his real estate investment company are 100% online businesses.

Utilizing proper marketing and social media strategies, Bo Manry’s companies generate millions of dollars each year in revenue. One of Bo’s latest projects is REIPro (www.myreipro.com), a multi-million dollar company providing a software system for real estate investors.

Bo Manry is a national speaker, mentor, and coach, where he teaches people how to be successful in today’s digital world and provides tools to make it easier. He enjoys travel, his large lap dog and spending time with his busy family activities. As often as possible, you can find Bo hanging out around the local golf course, always trying to master the game.

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