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Immediate Cash - Cashflow - Build Wealth - Leave a Legacy

"I really enjoyed the smaller class size. It was more personal and gave me a chance to network with almost everyone!  Chris Goff and his team were down to earth and really fun to learn from and be around.  Hope to see you guys again soon!"

Marshal Smith

"I loved this experience!  I have been to many seminars.  This one you are able to be trained by the expert himself, Chris Goff.  Others I have gone to, the expert sells the seminar and his helpers come train you.  I felt treated special here…not like I was a number!"

Stuart Holifield

"The real life/actual examples were really great.  The team activities were also awesome."

John Shu

"This is my 2nd time and I really like to use Lease Option deal. REIPro is the best tool! Chris’ education is so valuable."

Mihoko Alford

"Great event! Awesome expertise! Learned strategies and gave me much more confidence. No nonsense hands on training. I will be attending again."

Kenny Childs

"After finding you on You-Tube, (you) have been a God send. Also using your software is a blessing. Just want to thank you and your team for doing it the right way."

Dennis & Vernita Broadway

"A great experience and learning seminar. Chris and his staff make learning informative as well as enjoyable.  Their knowledge level of the market and the methods for this business are second to none."

David Szilasie

"This event is signal, not the noise like all other “seminars” out there."

Alex Bogdanov

"My experience at Chris Goff’s Real Estate Success Conference has been nothing but excellent, very informative, inspiring and a wakeup call to live my dreams now."

Iris Lugo

"The tools Chris and his team presented to us from the first day really increased our knowledge to build our business to the next level.  This is truly a priceless event that we will share in our area as we continue on this journey."

Blest Norris and Team

"The tools Chris and Bo presented to us for this conference have been amazing!  I have been to a few real estate investing conferences that try to upsell and market their products.  This conference differs from all the others I’ve attended."

Raymond Hill

"All in all, what helped us, to me, was solving a problem to help others… so START RIGHT!"

Terraine Duberry

During this two-day, hands-on Conference, you’ll learn time-tested Real Estate and Marketing strategies used by the country’s most successful Real Estate Investors.

You'll also discover the most exciting, streamlined automation tools to ever hit the Real Estate Investing world… and how to use them to fast-track your investing success!

Flipping Properties

It’s not just about rehabbing! Discover how to utilize multiple strategies for quick-turn investing.

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How to Start a Business

Learn how to set up and run a real estate investing business; enjoy the process of making additional income, setting your own hours, and being your own boss, while doing something you’re passionate about every day.

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Full or Part Time

Can’t quit your day job just yet? Find out how to boost your bank account balance by simply working in your spare time. Full spotlight will be given to these strategies and how to best utilize them to earn top dollar.

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Immediate Cash

Learn ways to earn up-front, cash-in-your-pocket profit and increase your buying power.

Learn more

Cash flow

Learn strategies to receive scheduled, regular earnings from contractual payments.

Learn more

Long-term Wealth

Discover the strategies that will allow you to build equity over time, yielding substantial profits.

Learn more

Connecting the dots

Discover how to connect the dots and know what to do, when to do it and why you’re even doing it in the first place. Cut the learning curves and accelerate your business with a straight-forward, proven system of executable steps.

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Bottomless Buyer Pool

New investors may hesitate to acquire properties from fear that they won’t be able to find a suitable buyer. New and seasoned investors alike will discover how to lay this uncertainty permanently aside using unique marketing techniques to quickly seek out and prequalify multiple potential buyers.

Learn more

Marketing Strategies

If no one knows you’re in business, you’re not in business. Learn a marketing formula to attract more business than ever before, sell properties faster and build more brand awareness, staying miles ahead of your competitors.

Learn more

Mindset Makeover

The undisputed location of the key to success lies in the mind and fortitude of each individual investor. Learn how to make the change from employee mentality to entrepreneur mindset.

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Save Time

As the saying goes… Time is Money! Eliminate countless hours of research, trial and error, and costly mistakes by finding everything you need, right here in one place.

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Increase your confidence, create opportunities, receive friendly advice and grow your pool of referrals by networking with a fun group of like-minded individuals.

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The ONLY ‘10 Executable’ Step System
that has helped thousands of every-day
people close thousands of deals and
pocket millions of dollars.

And... you can do the same!

The 36 Most Important Lessons You’ll Learn

Master skills and maximize time with a well-rounded education and be armed with a full cadre of knowledge and implementation steps when you head back home.

  • Setting Up Your Business
  • 3 Financing Techniques
  • 10 Steps to Payday
  • How to Find Great Deals
  • Identifying Prime Neighborhoods
  • Building a Professional Brand
  • Effective Business Card Design
  • Building Your Power Team
  • Analyzing the Information
  • Accurate Comparable Sales
  • Effective Negotiating
  • Accurate Property Inspections
  • Effective Direct Mail Practices
  • Running the Numbers
  • Presenting Multiple Offers
  • Increasing Offer Acceptance Ratio
  • Correct Contract Use
  • Marketing to All Buyer Types
  • Killer Marketing Ads
  • 2 Ways to Close Deals
  • Controlling vs. Owning
  • Creative Financing/ Investing
  • Pre-foreclosures Done Right
  • 6-Step Marketing Formula
  • Follow-Up Systems
  • Money/ Credit Free Investing
  • Tax Saving Strategies
  • Marketing Funnel Creation
  • Building Relationships
  • Multiple Streams of Income
  • Employee vs. Entrepreneur
  • Branding by Association
  • Powerful Website Designs
  • Automation! Automation!
  • Getting Ahead in 2018
  • How to Lead in the REI world

8 In-depth Workshops, hands-on interactive exercises, networking with like-minded individuals, powerful automation tools, and engaging training

  Professional, ethical, step-by-step systems for investing … taught by industry innovators and leaders in a way that anyone can learn.

Live Workshops

Attend several in-depth workshops with the nation’s leading experts. Each workshop covers the most effective, step-by-step investing techniques and marketing strategies designed to speed up your success in 2018.

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Master Your New Skills with Hands-On Practice Sessions

We cover a lot of information during our two days together. To ensure you walk away ready to implement this new knowledge, we incorporate hands-on exercises throughout the day, so you can practice your new skills. Get answers to questions that arise as you begin implementation, receiving one-on-one pointers and guidance from our team of experts.

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Network Building

Learn how to verbally communicate in a professional, confident and effective manner, participating in exercises along with other attendees to prepare you for real life experiences. One of the country’s leading networking experts will provide you with current, relevant tips in a fun and energetic presentation.

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"I have been to multiple real estate conferences and by far Chris Goff’s Real Estate Success is the real deal. Everyone is very knowledgeable and very good at teaching and helping you get started in the right way. Thank you so much Chris Goff and Team"

Brandon Chasteen

"I have been in real estate for 26 years. Been successful. Always wanted to flip or learn more about seller financing, rent to own for myself not just working for a basic seller. Not opposed to coaching at all. Want to grow our business."

Teresa Bonifatto

"Great seminar!  We were really provided with a lot of information. I would definitely recommend this to others."

Christina Bonifatto

"Good learning experience. Must focus on change of mindset and overcome any fear to be successful."

Fred Edmunds

"One of the best weekends I’ve had in years!  Everyone that I met was very influential and knowledgeable.  I can’t believe I didn’t come to an event sooner. I will definitely come to future events.  I feel very equipped to successfully run my business now! Thank you all and I wish you all future success on all your endeavors!"

Nathan Davis

"Bo Manry…what a drive!  I must step up my game. The rest of the team was open, spectacular, awesome and phenomenal!  Way to go team!  Jackie was great on the door!"

Terri Ruffin

"I found the conference to be very in-depth and informative. Both Chris and Bo are skillful teachers who deliver the information clearly and intelligently.  This was well worth the time, money and travel to attend. Thank you"

Mel Donaldson

"Very inspiring. Chris explains ideas and strategies crystal clear. No non-sense. This is the first time I attended a Chris Goff lecture. I’m glad I bought the ticket and came. I learned a lot in two awesome days. I have already recommended it on social media to my friends."

Yongming Huang

"This is my second time to come to a conference in Houston and it was nothing short of amazing again. Everything he teaches is so easy and fun to learn that it keeps you interested the whole way through.  Thank you so much again for a fun and educational weekend!"

Dillon Davis

"I was initially skeptical but can honestly say this has been extremely informative and I am walking away KNOWING this IS possible and I will be pursuing real estate to help others and build a legacy for my family.  Thank you x 1,000!  Keep up the great work!"

Amber Lewis

"This is an amazing event that educates you in very simplistic steps.  I’ve never seen anyone teach real estate this way.  Thank you, Chris and the crew!"

Kenneth Barney

"A great training! Truly straight forward, honest, sincere teachings of how to do real estate right.  Thank you, Chris and Bo! Really appreciate you both!"

George Kindle

Industry Leading Experts Ready to Teach You

Our incredible line-up of presenters will be sharing their knowledge, experience, and success tips with you for two full days... make sure you are here!

Chris Goff

Bo Manry

Roger Herring

Joe Thomas

Kenneth Darby

Full access to all 8 workshops at no extra cost!

From beginners to experts, you'll learn more valuable information at this 2-day Conference than any other you have ever attended, and your registration includes full access to all 8 workshops, with no hidden upgrade fees. Learn more about these insightful workshops in the videos below!

How to Set Up Your Real Estate Investing Business


Chris Goff

Jump start your business the RIGHT way - from choosing a company name, setting up your business entity, company branding, to getting noticed. Follow these simple steps and do it right the first time!

Lease Option Investing


Chris Goff

Lease Options is one of my favorite real estate investing strategies for a good reason. You don't need any money or credit because you're not actually purchasing homes, and you can get paid up to three times per deal. That's Right! Say Goodbye to the expensive, high maintenance rental business. I will teach you my proven system on how to build a business out of it.

Discover how controlling real estate can be one of the most rewarding businesses to be in.

Pre-Foreclosure Investing


Chris Goff

Learn how to start flipping houses while helping homeowners avoid foreclosure. This is a great strategy to not only help people, but make money in the process and feel good about what you're doing.

Pre-foreclosures is one of the hottest businesses in today's real estate market. I'll show you how to find them in seconds, research the data, pull comparable sales, contact owners and close the deal. Learn to maximize return on investments by investing in pre-foreclosures instead of putting down 20% with traditional banks.

Seller Finance Investing


Chris Goff

You can get started part-time and make a six-figure income (yes, part-time)! This is by far the MOST profitable strategy in Real Estate and I'm going to show you exactly how to do it. Say good bye to expensive bank financing or the need for stellar credit because this strategy doesn't require them.

In fact, almost 30% of buyers can't qualify for bank loans. Banks can't help, Realtors can't help and they're forced to rent. These are good people with a commitment to buy and have no one to turn to. This is where you come in.

Become one of the many SAVVY investors who make a whole lot more from their seller finance business than they do from their "regular" business, stocks, 401K's or IRA's.

Funnel Marketing


Bo Manry

Everyone has heard of a Marketing Funnel, but few people know how to create the proper Funnel to generate a constant stream of leads and prospects.

You'll learn My 7 Online and Offline Marketing Strategies to create the perfect funnel to separate your business from the competition and generate an endless source of motivated sellers, buyers and investors.

Advertising Formula


Chris Goff

You'll learn Explosive Marketing Strategies to PROFESSIONALLY Build Your Lists and Make More Money Selling Properties.

Learn 6 simple steps to write better ad copy for websites, business cards, yard signs, flyers, newspaper ads, online ads, and more. We will review ACTUAL before and after marketing ad case studies and learn how to market so you'll never have to lower the sales price again when selling properties. You'll discover how to quickly build a buyers list with little effort. You'll practice, in hands-on class activities, how to write effective headlines that will grab a reader and turn them into a buyer.

Network Building


Joe Thomas

Proper Networking is a must-have skill set everyone should know. Knowing how to effectively communicate with power team members, potential sellers, buyers and investors will create more relationships, get more yeses, and close more deals.

I'll teach you my 11 Keys to Impactful Networking so you'll know what to say, how to say it, and why you're even saying it to begin with. With this skill set, you'll be more confident and your business will take flight!

Special Guest Speaker: Roger Herring

In this informative Workshop, one of the country’s leading real estate accountants will answer the following questions:

  • What are the differences between legal and tax structures?
  • What are the Four Basic Tax Structures and their parameters?
  • What is the difference between passive and ordinary income? How is the proper tax structure determined?
  • What is Phantom Loss and how can it be used?
  • What are the guidelines used by the IRS to classify their 3 types of investors?
  • Understanding the unlimited potential of the real estate pro… Is there really no REI ceiling?
  • How many LLC’s do you really need?
  • What are some of the possible pitfalls of a single member LLC?

Don't Take Our Word For It. See What Others Have To Say!

Our customers are the center of our universe and the reason why we do what we do.

Brian Tracy
New York Times Best Selling Author

“Chris Goff is one of the most sought after Real Estate educators in the country. He has spent his whole life helping others succeed in Real Estate.”

Omar & Denise Miller
$20,000 Pre-Foreclosure

"We have closed on our first pre-foreclosure deal and made $20,000. Thank you so much for the guidance knowledge to put the pieces together."

Cameron Nelson
$25,000 First Deal

"I really appreciate you helping me out getting started with everything. I will have made 25,000 off my first deal so I am very excited and excited to do more."

Samuel Douglas
$11,000 First Deal

"I completed my 1st wholesale deal yesterday and it would not have been possible or easy without following the 10-step system in REIPro. You guys make real estate investing possible for everyone. Each time I listen to a webinar or watch a YouTube video, I feel like Chris and Bo truly care about my success."

Debbie Smith
$440,000 Instant Equity

"I am so grateful for all of the valuable information that you shared with me in your training.  I seller financed a pharmacy for $800K with no money down. I have gained instant equity of $400K."

Joshua Petterson
$6,500 First Deal

"I went into contract today with a more stable buyer that has a long term goal with the property, and I collected a cashiers check for $6,500.  I have attached a picture below :) Thank you for helping me succeed in something that I did not even think was possible 3 months ago!"

Real Estate Investing Success Conference Schedule

This is a partial list of workshops, activities, and events taking place during these awesome 2 days

Day 1  |  Saturday, September 8th

8am - 8:30am

Event Registration


Conference Introduction and How to Set Up Your Real Estate Investing Business


Lease Option Investing




Lease Option Numbers and Contracts


Advertising Formula


Funnel Marketing


Question and Answer Session


Photo Shoot & Book Signing (VIP Member Only)


Social Hour with All Speakers (Optional)

Day 2  |  Sunday, September 9th


Exclusive Meet and Greet with Chris Goff and Bo Manry (VIP Members Only)


Beginner Investor Success Tips


Seller Finance Investing


Pre-foreclosure Investing




No Limits Investing


Network Building


Question and Answer Session


Final Thoughts and How to Implement What You've Learned

Event Location

Atlanta Airport Marriott


4711 Best Road, Atlanta, GA, 30337
(404) 766-7900
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  • 2 Full Days of Real Education
  • All-Access Pass to 8 Workshops
  • Conference Workbook
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Social Hour/Networking
  • Bonus - Free Guest
  • Exclusive Meet and Greet with Chris Goff and Bo Manry
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